Catalyst Ranch Chicago Illinois
Catalyst Ranch Day of Dreams - Wedding Ceremonies
656 W. Randolph Street # 3 W
The Planning, Practice and Performance of Exceptional Wedding Ceremonies
Chicago, Illinois
By Thomas G. Witham
(312) 207-1710
(800) 523-5957
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Copyright © 2008 by Thomas G. Witham all rights reserved.

Notes: This is a very unique setting for a wedding ceremony, especially for couples who do not want the traditional. The comments found on the home page of their website describe this venue best, and so I will quote them here:

"Catalyst Ranch is a uniquely designed space which naturally lends itself to festive occasions. Fully furnished and decorated, it's easy to throw a party here. You naturally want to dance- The Poka, The Cha Cha, the Jitterbug, the Mambo and the Tango of course. We work with a diverse group of outstanding caterers, guaranteed to meet every desire." - Catalyst Ranch

The photos of the ceremony I performed here did not include the full sweep of the venue as shown above, and so I did not use them. But the setting is so unique as a wedding venue I had to include it- especially for those couples looking for a truly non-linear experience for their guests. Furthermore, there are several other settings within this venue making their own unique statements as well.