Chicago History Museum Chicago Illinois
The Chicago History Museum Day of Dreams - Wedding Ceremonies
1601 N. Clark Street
The Planning, Practice and Performance of Exceptional Wedding Ceremonies
Chicago, Illinois
By Thomas G. Witham
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Copyright © 2008 by Thomas G. Witham all rights reserved.

Notes: I have performed a number of ceremonies at the Chicago Historical Museum but they were recorded on video tape and not by still photography. I have chosen to include it anyway as it is a premier location for a wedding ceremony and reception in Chicago.

With just a little imagination, I believe you see what I mean. See the semicircle inscribed in the concrete? Imagine those are guests seated in amphitheater, all facing the steps. Now imgine the bride and groom at ground level facing those guests. Place the bridal party on the steps up and around the bride and groom facing the guests also. If you can't see this yet, look at the this photo and place that bridal party in the photo above. The effect would be stunning, taking full advantage of those steps, the majestic columns, and the semicirlce courtyard.