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Pricing and Fees
Recessional Walk
Jeremy and Kim in their recessional walk at Elgin Country Club - Elgin, Il.

Elopement Ceremony (or Small Informal Ceremonies).

Typically this is a ceremony for an eloping couple taking place at Buckingham fountain, the observation deck of the John Hancock building etc. These are small ceremonies requiring no rehearsal or instruction on my part. My fee includes a Planning Session with you (please see below).

The Fee For An Elopement Ceremony Is $350 .

To learn more about Elopement Ceremonies Click Here.

Formal Ceremony (Requiring instruction from me prior to start.)

This is a formal ceremony for couples who are not rehearsing, but who will need appropriate instruction on the use of their options when I meet them prior to the start of their ceremonies. I will be joining you 45 minutes before the start of your ceremony to give you and your bridal party all appropriate instruction. This includes teaching you your cues, showing you your poses and how to perform your wedding ceremony options among may other things. My fee includes a Planning Session with you (please see below).

All formal ceremonies are different. Please use my CONTACT PAGE and email me for a quote.

CLICK HERE for my contact page.


Rehearsal Session (on a prior day).

Rehearsal Sessions are for couples wishing to thoroughly prepare themselves, their bridal parties, and their families for the big day. Typically, ceremonies of intermediate size or larger should have a dedicated rehearsal session on a day prior to the wedding- especially those ceremonies including large bridal parties and/or which have a significant use of wedding ceremony options. My extensive rehearsal sessions are an hour and fifteen minutes in length and only I give the instruction (I do not send stand-ins or substitutes). Rehearsed couples give great performances as they are much calmer and far more confident.

To learn more about my Rehearsal Sessions Click Here.

Your Planning Session by Phone or Skype

By planning your ceremony by phone or Skype we all save time and money. In years past I conducted my planning sessions at the homes of my brides and grooms for a fee. The Recession came and couples were looking for ways to save money. My couples and I began conducting our planning sessions by phone and Skype.

By using phone or Skype, and by having my elaborate web site on and in front of you when we talk, you will be learning everything about my services as if I were in the room with you. Some couples want to make sure I don't have two heads. I understand that. That's why those couples use Skype, which is a free service and allows all of us to see each other.
Just go to . Other couples are adamant on meeting me in person. I understand that too. Those couples are invited to join me at a restaurant near where I live.

Regardless of how your planning session takes place, it is included in your fee (there is no charge). And all couples, whether they are having an elopement ceremony or a formal one (with or without a rehearsal) will be enjoying a planning session with me. Furthermore, all follow up phone/skype/email communication is free as well. As clients you can contact me seven days a week with your questions and comments as well as in seeking my advice on every aspect of your ceremony and it's planning (800 523-5957).

[I wrote this web site's 40,000 words. I love what I do and have no shortage of advice for you!].



Any couple considering my services is free to call me and discuss their wedding plans at length at no charge. I can be reached 7 days a week from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. at 800-523-5957.

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